Tuesday April 16th @ 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST 

Ever wonder how to leverage what you know from Google Analytics to move the needle on your organic search traffic? With Rival IQ's Google Analytics integration we partner their detailed data with our easy-to-analyze reporting, making interpreting and acting on your GA data faster than ever. 

Customer Success Manager Cat Martinez will detail the Google Analytics Integration within Rival IQ's feature set and how to use your data to shake up the search. This webinar is a great way to walk through how to interpret your data and plus ask questions live. 

We'll review: 

  • Your Google Analytics data in Rival IQ 
  • Building, customizing, and analyzing your reports 
  • Detailed analysis of key metrics 
  • Configuring Alerts for Google Analytics and SEO 
  • SEMRush and Rival IQ  all the data you need in your Rival IQ account 
  • and more! 

Join Cat as we move through the tools to show you the best way to gather and analyze your data. Plus, ask your questions live!

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